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brake lights

Guest elmore60

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Guest joeworf

Can't give you more than a general reply based on your statement. In my case I had a mechanic trace through the electrical wiring in the trunk area and he found two culprits. The first was water leaking in the area of the fuel filler door (separated seal inside the fuel filler door... just put some red epoxy on it to seal it) and was pooling and shorting some wires. The main problem was wires chafing near the trunk hinge. I believe the third "chrome nerd" brake light is independent of the others as it was not working when I bought the car but the main brake lights were. Go figure? Anyway, after the main lights went south and I tried replacing the fuses to no avail, so I had a pro check it out. Be prepared for a diagnostic fee of at least one hour if you can't nail it down yourself. Maybe others can chime in with more specifics. Good luck

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brake lights stopped working, whats the fix???

Third brake light has it's own switch, does it work?

Do your rear turn signals still work?

If turn signals work and no brake lights work, check under the dash to make sure your wires are still connected to the switches before chasing wires and don't forget the obvious, if nothing happens at the back of the car, check fuses and bulbs before going off to a shop.

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Guest My TC Toy

The problem with the upper brake light is probably a loose rivet in the light. This is fairly normal and an easy fix once you dis-assemble the light.

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