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1937 Packard 115/120 Radio Dial Needed

Guest Znuh

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Good afternoon AACA Members!

I am working on a 1937 Packard (6 Cyl) for a Client - there's no nomenclature I can find so far, so I'm uncertain if this is a 115 or 120. That said, I'm specifically looking for the radio dial - someone apparently either swiped or lost the original dial on the control head. It looks similar to the Motorola 65 Dial below:


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Again, we have the control head, but the actual dial itself is missing.

Thank you for your time,

James F. Smith

Portland, ME

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I know mainly 1938 and newer but if it's a six cylinder, then it would be a 115 I believe. The 120 had the small eight cylinder engine although they are both "junior" models so would likely have the same radio head. Just a thought but have you checked with suppliers like D&M Restoration? While they don't carry it, they can often reproduce gauge and radio dials and may have even restored one in the past with documentation to use as an example. There are other similar companies doing this type of work whose names escape me at the moment.

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