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1934 CHRYSLER AIRFLOW - Durham Classics, Airflow Club Limited Edition of 100 - #27

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Here is a hand-built 1/43 miniature by Durham Classics of Canada, a limited edition of 100 pieces built to commemorate the 1st International meet of the Airflow Club of America, set for July 9,10, 11th, 1998. This piece is #27 of 100.

Durham Classics patterns are made "one to one" using simple metalworking tools, unlike mass-produced zinc diecast "collectors" models which are made from steel dies obtained by reducing a much larger master model using sophisticated die cutting equipment.

Durham Classics models are designed, molded, cast, cleaned, painted and assembled in our own Canadian facilities together with the production of our whitewall tires, windows, decal work and boxes, etc.

This exceptional, limited edition Airflow model was a popular one, but if you didn't order it in the prescribed time frame, you were out of luck, and would not receive one. This one has been in the original box since purchase, and is in like-new condition, and has a low edition number of 27, so if you always wanted this model, here's your chance to get a really pristine one. This one is $100 + shipping, a lot less than when it was issued. Thanks for looking!






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