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My radio works! What a feeling!!!


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Guys, last night I decided to see what's up with my radio. It would hum but that was it. Then I went to the back to check out the antenna. The lead was torn off from the ring used to secure it to one of the lid hinge bolts. What I suspect happened was that at some point (maybe when the radio was originally installed at the dealer?) the mechanic installed the the wire ring on the inside hinge bolt, not the outside. After a few opening and closings the antenna wire tore away. So, after stripping some of the antenna, soldering the with to the ring and re-attaching the ring to the outside hinge bolt, came the moment of truth. I turned on the radio and after about 20 seconds or so the radio came alive, and it sounded really great too!!!!! Now THAT made my day!!!! :D:D:D



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Guest jims41LC

John , it is a great feeling when you hear actual sound and music coming out of a radio which in my case is 74 years old.Jake Fleming fixed mine and did a bang up job on it . I almost thought I could hear big band music too. Congrats.

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