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1935 chevy High roof truck questions

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Just had customer come in asking to go look at his 35 high roof truck to restore. Going to go look at it next week hopefully when the boss gets back from vacation. He wants it restored to original except wants to change a few things to make it an easier driver. He wants to enjoy the truck rather than just park it in a show but I would guess hes looking at doing that too. Here are some of his modifications he wrote out on a sheet for me to think and go over.

He wants to do away with the wood inside and do metal structure.

Modern juice brakes

turn signals on top of head lights and on rear

side rear view mirrors

button lock and unlock (I am guessing doors)

3 seat belts

cable brakes only for emergency brake (?)

devise solution to prevent gear shift from being stolen/unique knob.

Not trying to make fun of his requests but this is on his notes that I and my boss need to go over to go look at the truck and get a game plan on doing the truck. He was told that doing the wood isn't the way to go as screws will naturally keep working loose. That is why he wants to look at doing away with wood frame and make it metal. Is there anyone doing metal inner structure to replace the wood? The juice brakes I am not sure on that. Can a guy put on later year brakes on a 35? Mirrors and turn signals are easy to just find ones that he likes just finding a turn signal set up for the steering column. Seat belts same thing just building them into the cab and making sure they look and function right while making sure there is enough support on them. Locking the doors I would say figuring out a lock set up or does anyone make one that's a bolt in for a 35 type truck other than maybe a street rod company. E brakes same thing wondering if a later year model truck/car can be used? The solution on the gear shift thing I am guessing he is thinking to prevent it from being put into neutral and pushed or pulled away and the truck stolen. We live in rural South Dakota so its not IMO big city living where you are worried of vehicle theft but still respect his concern that he is putting his money into something and is worried of theft. Any ideas? I have done a lot of 66 Chevy trucks and a 59 Chevy truck a few later 60's and 70's Chevy trucks but this would be the 1st of this years. I have done street rods but those have been just body and paint as the customers have done the main building of them. Only wood true restoration car we did was a 32 Buick 57S. That wasn't fun by any means. mainly cause there isn't much available on those cars. Who are good companies to buy parts from for a 35 Chevy truck?

Sorry for all the questions but thought better to do one post than LOTS of multiple ones for each question,



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