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1929 Starter


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I don't believe that the 28 and 29 starters will interchange. The 1927 and 28 do take the same Owen Dyneto starter, but the 1929 takes a Delco starter that rotates in the opposite rotation as the earlier 1927/28.

I see your not far from me, let me know if you ever need any parts or service on any of these old starters, generators, distributors, etc.


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Sorry for the confusion, but it has been pointed out to me that the Delco starter is a gear reduction and therefore does rotate in the same direction as the others (My manual always lists the direction of rotation from the Comm end of the starter and not the drive end and I missed the fact that it was a gear reduction). I'm also told that all starters listed above will in fact interchange with each other.

Sorry for the confusion,


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