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4-sale 56 chevy 1pec. rechromed bumpers


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<B>From the other "For Sale" thread:</B><P>bigcarnut <BR>Member <BR>Member # 7411 <BR> posted 04-10-2002 10:24 AM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>you want better time in the quarter? the glassed intake and exhaust mans. will do it for you. intake keeps the heat from the carb. COLDER gas means a hotter burn. colder exhaust mans move the gases out the ports faster for a cleaner burn. $400.00+s&h <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 30 | From: wa. state | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>Unregistered User fastoldbum <BR>unregistered <P> posted 04-11-2002 10:20 AM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>i know it works my freind who has mony had his manefolds porcelin coated for his voxhall 30-89 and he sent the intake to villeroy and bosch an the exaust went to spode to get porcilened and it runs very cooler and gets more faster off the straitway on account of it but i here glass is more better for the coolness it makes heaviar gas for the cilynders that blows up faster in the motor <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>IP: Logged <BR> <BR>bigcarnut <BR>Member <BR>Member # 7411 <BR> posted 04-11-2002 02:08 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>colder gas is heavier which into turn burns hotter! bigcarnut <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 30 | From: wa. state | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>Unregistered User RamAir <BR>unregistered <P> posted 04-11-2002 03:11 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>You mean the gas dont get broken up in smaller drops an gets sucked into the cyils in a heaviear state and explodes hotter makeing more power <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>IP: Logged <BR> <BR>bigcarnut <BR>Member <BR>Member # 7411 <BR> posted 04-11-2002 03:15 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>yes! <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 30 | From: wa. state | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>Unregistered User olde english minicar <BR>unregistered <P> posted 04-11-2002 04:16 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>a freind has a weard old car made in england with a real small motor like 15 horspower or such and he says the carbareter can only take as much gas as the hole will let in it how can he get faster power out of it? <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>IP: Logged <BR> <BR>bigcarnut <BR>Member <BR>Member # 7411 <BR> posted 04-11-2002 06:23 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>your friends car was never made to go over 40mph. it isn't a race car. even if you mill the heads and enlarge the bore? you still are not going to do much.enjoy the ride. <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 30 | From: wa. state | IP: Logged <P><B>I'll spare everyone the mundane dissection of writing style at this point.<P>How much more time do we have to read these things?</B> frown.gif" border="0

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Yeah he will. I asked a 1st grader to read it and all he said was, "Who is the jerk that wrote that." rolleyes.gif" border="0 Out of the mouths of babes. cool.gif" border="0

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