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16 valve exhaust manifold studs

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Anyone know where I could get replacement exhaust manifold studs and nuts for the 16 valve?



Getting new studs; EASY, getting broken stud out of head; Hard.

Studs are studs, if you don't have a part number and don't know for sure what it is, take one with to the local auto parts store, they are sold by size and thread.

Doubt you would be looking for a new stud if you didn't need one and there are special tools and techniques for removing broken studs. Sometimes these things spin out no trouble at all. Sometimes these jobs are best left to the pro's and even the pro's can run into big trouble when it comes to removing a broken stud from an alloy head. Sometimes with all the tools and everything they know, even the best exhaust guy's need to send the head to a machine shop.

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