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WTD: Trico Wiper Motor (Or information)

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I am looking for (and trying to identify) this Trico Wiper Motor.<P><IMG SRC=http://www.1930Chrysler77.com/pics/tricowm1.jpg><BR><IMG SRC=http://www.1930Chrysler77.com/pics/tricowm2.jpg><P>In the second picture the bottom half is the reflection of the wiper motor in the windshield. Sorry for the quality, these are the only pictures I have at the moment, will try for more.<P>I was told the Chrysler 77 used a Trico S71 motor, which did not have an integral switch. I am not certain from the photos but is that an integral switch on the left side of the photo? The handle for manual operation is clearly visible.<P>Thanks,<P>Rich<P><BR>PS: Ficken said they didn't have the proper motor, I'm trying for the right one, but if I can't find it, then I'll go back and settle for what will work...

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