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Anyone know the status of the Eli Lilly family 300s (W188) coupe?


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I read a few years ago about the Mercedes-Benz 300s Coupe that was owned by the Eli Lilly family, the ones who started the drug company in Indianapolis. The car, I believe, resided at the family home that is now part of the Indianapolis Art Museum. I saw a picture from in-period with a Lilly family member standing next to it but cannot locate it now, I think it was in a magazine, not online. I also believe it was possibly the same color as this Lilly-owned Grand 600.

Does anyone know anything about this car, where it ended up?

This is a similar car for reference, but not the Lilly car in question.


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A bit of an interesting side story:

Growing up in Indiana I have always known of the Lilly family and their contributions locally. Sometime back in the 1990's a friend's parents, one of whom is a long time local newscaster, were invited along on vacation with Ruth Lilly on board a private jet the size of a commercial airliner that accommodated the Lilly's dozens of other friends, relatives, security people and entourage. Upon their return, my friend and I went to a section of the airport reserved for private aircraft to collect them for the drive home. We waited just a short time before seeing a helicopter swoop in low and quick, depositing on the ground a team of maybe a dozen heavily armed men in fatigues who spread themselves around the tarmac on their bellies facing their weapons outward. Soon after the jet arrived, Ruth Lilly was removed first and once she was spirited away in a van, the men boarded their helicopter and once it took off the rest of the guests were allowed to de-board. A small glimpse into how the other half lives. Well, maybe the other 0.0000000001% considering she was one of the richest women in the world until her death.

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