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SOLD: 1953 Morris Minor Two Door

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When the former owner purchased this 1953 Morris Minor, it had less than 18,000 original miles and was an extremely solid and well kept original car. None the less, he embarked on a cosmetic and mechanical restoration which was completed in about 1990. It has only been driven 850 miles since. It is quite evident that the restoration was very comprehensive.The owner knew his stuff. He decided to install an overhead valve 948cc engine instead of the original overhead 803cc that was in the car since new. He found a set of newer and safer wheels and also a set of Morris 1000 front seats. All good choices for a car you would like to drive.During the restoration, the brake system was refurbished and a new transmission was purchased in England. His wife flew there and carried it home in her suitcase! New tires were installed and new hubcaps were purchased. The body was painted, both top and bottom. The interior was completely reupholstered.All features function properly. Every light works. The turn signals work. The door locks with the key. We even have an original ”Made in England” key fob.I am 6' tall. I am actually comfortable in this car. Don't fear the tiny cockpit. The Morris was wider than most comparable micro cars of that era.You will likely have the only car like it when you cruise. Just how many have you seen? This is the only nice one I have seen that is solid and tight to drive and has been the recipient of a nice restoration. It is complete with its tool kit and spare tire, so you're ready to hit the road and enjoy lots of fun in a little package. The price is 8,000.00, it has a clear title and it is located in Jefferson, WI. Please call 734-730-4274 to schedule a viewing or email: motoringicons@hotmail.com. Thank you.









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Guest captaincon

like the look of that

i live in the uk and i noticed that a lot of british cars look like they still have their uk registration plate is this the case or is it a usa number plate made in the british style

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I have checked here in the UK and OGF 446 is a valid registration number, issued by London County Council from 1953, so the date matches too.

Also here in the UK you can buy registration numbers with combinations of letters and numbers that suit you. OGF 446 is not available for sale, so again this points to the number being already allocated to a vehicle.

A word of caution, Morris Minors have torsion bar front suspension. The chassis cross member to which the torsion bars attach is very prone to corrosion. Also, the front steering swivels are threaded, not plain bushes. They MUST be kept regularly greased or the threads can corrode away and the swivel can jump clear out of its female section with collapse of front suspension and steering. I have owned 3 in the past and they are great little cars. Another trick, the car has a 2 bladed metal fan, if you live somewhere hot, get another fan and bolt it on at 90 degrees to the original one. (Use the same bolts) then you have a 4 bladed fan which cools better.

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