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1927 Pontiac Tourer hand throttle linkage

Guest rbjt

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I can't work out how the hand throttle lever/linkage on my 1927 RHD tourer connects to the foot throttle pivot! I have attached a photo of where I have it at the moment but this would work back to front and the button on the dash would be pulled in when the foot throttle in pressed in! I am hoping someone has a close-up photo of their setup they can share or a description of how it should be positioned. I understand the LHD cars have a long pivot rod on the firewall so may not be similar enough to help confirm the setup on my car in Australia.

Thanks in advance.




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The hand throttle connects directly to the carb on LHD vehicles. I don't see how RHD should be any different[ATTACH=CONFIG]217425[/ATTACH]

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Thanks Reid. I have been chatting with Heath (aussiecowboy). He confirmed his later models connect straight to the carb but the early Australian cars operate a lever which acts on the foot throttle linkage. I can't find any photos which show the correct setup as the vac tank is always in the way!

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