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Trunk secured???


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Getting around to cleaning up the rear and have a question: Have an original Franklin trunk, drwg 52869, on my '31 Victoria. I see no means to connect the trunk to the car either on the car, on the drawing, or on the trunk. Is the trunk not supposed to be anchored to the car. Of course I will put a bolt thru the bottom of the trunk and secure it to the oak flooring. Don't want someone to walk off with it or lose it if I go around a curve too fast-lol.

Just curious what was original ? TKS~~


EDIT: Knew the board pattern wasn't symmetrical, but didn't remember that the oak wasn't correct>>>ASH; but the Phillips head screws; must have been asleep !!! will at least change the Phillips to slot; and folks the drawing shows 4 screws in the corners to anchor the trunk to the platform that I also overlooked. Must learn to look closer before posting.


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