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1946-48 Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and possible Pontiac Convertible Vent Window Frames

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Ok. Here's the deal. I have been contemplating for well over a year having NEW vent window frames made for one of my Buick convertibles. These things are like hens teeth and I know that many have a need for these. I am trying to test the waters to see how many Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac owners might have a need for these. I'm not sure if Pontiac might have also used the same vent window frame or not. Depending on initial response of need, this will have an effect on price. I met with the engineers today and I have a rough tooling amount and price per casting amount. I will also have to have some machining done to the parts to have a finished part. These will not be chromed and this would be at the cost of the purchaser with whomever you might chose. Please feel free to comment and or PM me with any additional questions. Thanks Matt;)

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Here are my frames that I had cast with the help of a friend (Restorer32) and an Amish foundry he works with. I have five sets of frames for 46-48 Buick convertible 56c and 76c. I know these were also used on Cadillac. I am still working on the machining aspect of finishing the frames. Shouldn't be too difficult.



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