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Push Button Door Openers

Guest ol-nobull

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Guest ol-nobull

I am looking at a 1941 4 door Zephyr & it has the push button door openers both inside & outside. All the pictures of other 4 door Zephyrs I have seen online seem to all have outside door handles.

I am curious as I have only seen this feature on the Continentals.

There is a ton I do not know about these Zephyrs but owning one has been on my wish list for quite some time & I have been busy looking & I just found one for sale & was curious about the door openers.

If all goes well I will be driving it very soon.

Thanks, Jim

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Guest ol-nobull
Push button exterior door openers were an option on 1941 Lincoln Zephyr's.

Thanks. That is what I thought but I just was not sure as the owners manual & Dealer sales brochure for this year model that I purchased online has not arrived yet & I did not have documentation on what was standard & what was optional.

All the online photo's I have looked at this past week all showed door handles.


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