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Hydramatic Rebuilders

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Hello all,

I have this posted in a few spots on the forum as this question crosses between GM and Ford products. So please forgive the multiple posts if you run across them in other areas. Several months back I picked up a 54' Lincoln Capri from my uncle. He did a wonderful job of rebuilding the 317, but the trans gave us some issues. The car will not go in reverse or shift between gears in drive. After trying several adjustments, all to no avail, I am trying to find a shop somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Portland area preferably) that can rebuild a 54' hydramatic.

I found a few shops that said they can do it in California, Texas, and the east coast, but I really would like to avoid shipping that monster across the country.



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Adam, For shipping, contact mark@enginesdirectfreight.com I had a great experience with this company. You put it on a pallet, ( Go to LOWES or Home Depot and get one for 0$,) strap it down with nylon straps and tighteners bought at same place and the cost is minimal. They will pick it up at your door. Glenn Lorei PS If you can't find a rebuilder, I have a good friend in Raytown Missouri who can do the job for you.

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Thanks for the tip. I am not adverse to shipping the transmission, I just was hoping to save the few hundred bucks it will cost to ship that 400 lb monster on top of the rebuild costs.

Out of curiosity though, do you know what your friend would charge for the rebuild?

Thanks again, Adam

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