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'Standard' Rear Axle for '64 Riviera

Guest dwhiteside64

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Guest dwhiteside64

Hi all,

Just been examining the differential on my car, looking for the tell-tale stampings that will give me the gear ratio and build date. Problem is, I can only make out what I believe to be a '0', making me think that it is a 3.07:1 configuration. It also has a fill plug that was used on non-posi units (it is recessed without the shoulder), and no circle with an 'x'. Have yet to get it jacked up to spin the tires and check the ratio.

From what I can tell, only 3.07, 3.23, and 3.42 rear-ends were offered in '64. Which one of these was the 'stock' differential? Also, did they offer non-posi 3.23s and 3.42s for that model year?


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