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16 way seat


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Any help appreciated, I meant to ask this about 2 months ago but have been busy with my new toy a 1966 Coupe Deville.

But here I am to ask, I changed out my radio in my 1989 Reatta and removed my front seat to get into the center console. All went well with the radio and the new speakers. However the seat is all working except the lumbar switch engages and makes noise but the bladder does not seem to inflate now.

I swore it worked before I removed the seat. I was very gentle removing the seat. Any ideas whats up or did the bladder in the seat lose it. I have a 1991 Eldorado with a lumber and that is totally dead so I assume these lumbars are getting old and are troublesome.

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Guest my3buicks

It"s just a rubber tube going fron the bottom up into the top portion, mine on the coupe was dry rotted

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Guest Richard D

If you find that the bladder has sprung a leak

There are threads on replacing it with a blood pressure cuff from walmart.

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