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1929 Nash 26,000 mile original for sale

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1929 Nash 420 Sedan. 26,000 miles since new. Remarkable original condition ? original paint except fenders and wheels, chrome mostly good, interior is rip and tear free, although the material has faded some over the years. Even the roll-down privacy shades on the rear windows are intact and in place.Everything works except gas gauge. Body, doors, interior are tight, solid and virtually rattle-free. All glass good. Engine compartment and wiring all original. The car runs and drives well, except there is some dis-combobulation with the engine, in that the radiator will drain into the sump over a period of time! I suspect a water-jacket crack near the lifter gallery. In our family 10+ years, came from a museum in western Ontario. Inviting reasonable offers reflecting both it?s remarkable original condition, and the likelihood of a cracked block. Chris Bamford, Edmonton, AB (780) 445-0156

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