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Guest carlbraun


the 65 GS is back from paint. Silver Cloud. I'm focusing on rear window install, door and glass install and then putting the front clip back on.

The biggest concern i have is the electrical wiring. YnZs Yesterday's parts built me a complete engine harness and front lighting harness for the car and is currently building me a complete underdash harness as replicated from my original. Once I finish the Dynamat on the interior firewall, I'll install the repro firewall insulation pad from OPGI...it looks to be right on as far as orignality and fit. After that the dash wire harness will go in (if I dont die from a heart attack after I see the bill....$$$$$). A few more details to follow.

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yeeeeehaaaa !

must be exciting to see it all painted up.

nice teaser shot!

more pics ???

i, for one, would look at every angle you've photographed if you have the time to post (if not here, somewhere else?)

it's good to see the freshly painted nooks n crannies with unobstructed view

congrats on the progress (and take care opening the invoices)

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Guest onedesertdog

That looks great. Can't wait to see side and front shots.

Would that be a two stage paint? Base/clear.

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