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Original Chrysler Owners Manual 1927, 1949(2), 1936, 1927 For Sale

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These have all been SOLD!!!

For Sale: Original Chrysler Owners Manuals, all in very nice condition:

-1927 "50" Four cylinder, 70 pages, 35.00

-1941 Six Cylinder, 62 pages 25.00

-1949 Six Cylinder, 32 pages 25.00

-1949 Eight Cyilnder, 44 pages 25.00-SOLD

-1936 Six Cylinder, 64 pages 25.00

All prices include free regular post office shipping in the US. I'll take 100.00 for all of them INCLUDING Priority Mail shipping in the US. PAYPAL accepted. 734-730-4274, email: motoringicons@hotmail.com

Ann Arbor, MI.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->






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