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Body fastener info

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I'm replacing my floorboards and need some info on some fasteners, which have rusted away to unidentifiable. Anyone know the length, diameter & thread pitch of:

B pillar -> floor supports. The big aluminum ones with the pan head slotted tops

Seat -> frame bolts. these also go through the floor & attach at a couple of brackets off the main rails. Hex head.

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Sorry. I should know better. It's a 47 LCC. I did some digging (and grinding) and found this out:

The seat -> frame bolts are 5/16-18s about 3/4" long hex heads

The aluminum B pillar bracket -> frame are also 5/16-18 but are machine screws (slotted of course). Make sure the heads are tapered on the underside. Three of these are 1 1/2" long and two are 4 1/2" long, as they run through the frame rails themselves.

Also, for those of you masochistis like myself who are removing the B Pillar support brackets to redo the floor sheet properly, there are three 1/4-24 x 2 3/4" machine screws holding the support into the B-pillar. These are tough to get out, as you need to cut the inward-facing sheet on the pillar out. I just finished mine up, should have pics soon.

All the lengths I listed may be a tad long, as I usually buy long and trim. I hate getting home and finding the bolt are too short.

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