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'62 Skylark parts


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Last call for 61-62 Skylark/Special parts:

1) NIB A/C fan clutch TRW FC1004.

1) starter used

1) A/C compressor used (less clutch)

1) 4 bbl carb used (was working when removed from car).

1) A/C blower motor

1) A/C evap used (and a little beat up).

1) Heater plenum (plastic, under dash)

some A/C ball vent parts

lot of 2 opened carb kits (4BBL)

1) pass vent window

Assorted A/C switches and stuff

2) NOS converter clutch piston rings

1) driver side short rocker moulding piece

1) Ignition switch NIB

1) heater control valve, I think it is new.

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