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Southwind/Montgomery Ward Heater question


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OK I am assuming this is similar to a southwind as the look almost identical except for the logo. on the top there is an open area that looks like maybe it had an attachement for a defroster, or to push heat to the other side of the car?

Is this correct and are there any illustrations on what attached to this area on top?post-70991-143141761134_thumb.jpg


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Guest Bob Call

Are you sure you have it oriented correctly? If the openings on the front that go 180 deg around were pointed down to the floor then the openings your are calling on the top would be aimed toward the driver's feet.

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This is how it was installed... of course who knows if it was installed correctly. it looks like some panel was attached over the top holes. It looks very similar to a south wind. Anyone know what that panel looks like? :confused:


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