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  1. Damn how did you do that? I struggled for a half hour
  2. I am listing this for a long time AACA member who is not a computer user. 4 Door touring car, Motor # 503765 has a current Maryland Title. $8,700 Special offer for this 102 year old car! Originally a Southern car, bought from a gentleman in Georgia. Last driven in 2019 and is in good original and complete condition. Paint could be original but has the expected flaking. There is a minor scrape on one fender, the rear seat has been previously re-upholstered, tires are excellent, the original canvas top is included with frame and comes with new posts and bows. The
  3. Yes those are the same ones. My friend who has them is not a member on here as he does not restore cars. I am used to seeing the Artillary Firestone wheels like my clarks. In fact the split rings on my wheels are stamped Firestone. He could not find any manufactures mark. Mainly looking to represent them correctly if he sells them.
  4. Same as a Ford. 5 on 5 1/2" I am leaning towards a firestone, but never seen anything looking like this. I do not know if the hubcaps were with the wheel or just happen to fit it.
  5. Although the firestone hubcap fits, I am not sure that is what it is 15x5
  6. Just to follow up with them. here is what they look like finished. I found a set of reproduction General Jumbo hubcaps that fit.
  7. Anyone know anything about these? A friend has a set of 5 with hubcaps. I know what a firestone Air balloon is, but never seen these.
  8. Sorry to reopen this, but got several inquirers lately... carb was sold years ago.
  9. Late reply, Model A Police head, original 32 dash and tunnel and two model B pumps. All for $380. Oh, and a coil...
  10. Interesting, if you look at the wheel, it is also spelled Buchanan. Google seems to think that is correct. People's names are usually spelled Buchannon.
  11. Current speculation is that this is a clark wheel but not made for Firestone. Also possible the split rim (hoop) IS firestone and not a match for the wheel
  12. I takes a variation of those. Looking for something more common for now as it will take years for me to find a set of the right firestone ones.
  13. I have a set of Firestone Artillery wheels with out hubcaps. the wheel hole is similar in style to a 16" ford wire wheel, but is 7 1/8" in diameter. Looking for ANY hubcap that will fit that hole. If necessary I will modify a new skin to fit the framework. I really to not want to modify the wheel by welding a ring in to get down to the size of a ford hubcap.
  14. Bought these wheels, trying to ID them to a photo of them new and find hubcaps. they are 16", spokes look to have originally been Chrome, spokes are Cast and stamped "Clark".
  15. I was told that clark made the wheels for the Firestone balloon wheels, not sure if these are those wheels
  16. I am looking at buying a set of 16" ford pattern wheels made by Clark. I was told they made wheels for firestone. I picked up a firestone hubcap but the hole in the wheel is larger than the hub cap. Would like to learn more and learn what a set of 5 might be worth.
  17. I think I will give it to a Mopar guy I know. He can put it on a swap meet table of something.
  18. Thanks.... hoped it would be worth more. Cost more to ship it to someone than its worth.
  19. Someone suggested this may be an early Dodge Brothers fan?
  20. Any other guesses? Someone is probably searching for one of these.
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