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Got my 89 last May, had 45k on it. Someone had done a good job of cleaning the engine, the side you could see, was really clean. Over the next week checking things over I found that everything that was facing away from a spray wash was coverd with oil, same with the firewall side of the engine. It looked like the oil would have to be spraying in a fine mist under the hood to cover the top and bottom of things. I sprayed the engine down and cleaned up a lot with wrags. The oil showed a quart over full, and I just left it at that. Next couple of weeks I would recheck for oil leaks after everytime I drove it. Started showing leaks from distributor gasket and pcv valve area, also a lot going into air filter from pcv hose. Cleaned everything up, and changed the oil. By this time it was the end of Sept. didn't drive it much in the summer. Next couple months I got some driving in, I was surprised how strong it felt. Then I began to get a wiff of oil every now and then. Checked under the hood for leaks, didn't find anything. Next day, began to really smell oil, back home and start looking again. Still didn't see anything, at least where I was looking. I was reaching down toward the bottom of the engine, and my arm pressed up against the big air hose going into the bottom of the intercooler, and the hose was covered with oil. After more inspection, the pressure hoses coming off the turbo are covered with oil inside and out. This is the first time I saw one leak from the compressor side, and it had to be mine. The turbo sounded good, and I never saw any smoke.

Anyone know who sells Turbo rebuild kits?

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Do you have the eight valve or the sixteen?

I saw that Turbo's Unleashed has turbo rebuilds for the 16v for $350. They have a bunch of other turbo rebuilds listed on there too, I think the 8v turbo is one of them. Maybe you can purchase a kit from them.

I also saw that RDI Performance sells brand new turbos for the 16v. No price listed. I know thats not what you asked for but I thought I would mention it.

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