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Bon Voyage Rusty Parts Car, Bitter Sweet

Guest Rob J

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Here's some final pics of the rust mobile right before the tow truck winched it up and took it away. Even though it was a POS it was still hard to see the old gal go, knowing her fate was the crusher. It's too bad she was too far gone to bring back to life, as I bet she was pretty when she was new. She was Champagne Mist with the Fawn Cloth/Vinyl Interior. She was also decently optioned with AC, Custom Interior, PW, PSeat, Tilt Steering Delete, Auto Trunk release.

I would of liked to of saved some of the sheet metal, but it just didn't look good enough to bother cutting any of it off. Why do you think she rusted so badly in the cowl area? I was shocked to see the amount of rust when I removed the old busted windshield and dash.





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Guest rnoswal

Damn! I would have given my left n&^ to have gotten the roof from the A pillars to half way back of the roof. Sigh. I have just the opposite problem as your major rust situation. The upper edge of mine is almost completely gone. The strengthening piece right under that fron edge is really pretty good, I am suprised that mine went the way it did. The rest of the car, other than the front floors, have only surface rust. If anyone reading this has a good upper roof, front edge even only 10 inches back would be good, I really would like to splice it in instead of all the thin metal welding that will be needed. Sorry to see yours go either way though, I be it was a happy car for a while. :)

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