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Stutz in the UK

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I have a 1917 roadster over here in the UK which has an old USA rally plate attached to the dashboard and wondered if there are any records going back that far which might help me find out a bit more of the history of my car. The plate says GREENFIELD VILLAGE (Dearborn, Michigan) and is dated 1951 and was issued by the Veteran Motor Car Club of America. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

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Greenfield Villiage is the home of the Henry Ford Museum.

The villiage itself is a collection of historic buildings. Starting in the 20s-30s, Ford bought and relocated historic buildings that may not of otherwise been saved. There are several similar building collections in America now.

The Veteran Motor Car Club of America was an early club..to state the obvious, they had a meet there. It makes sense, the villiage has great atmosphere with cobblestone streets. The perfect place for a vintage car meet.

Veteran Motor Car Club of America

Contact them, they may have an old roster with your car's pervious owner(s).


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