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Vintage Volkswagen Classics

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Guest 56Tbird

I have a 1956 VW oval window I bought from the original family. This car was purchased in Germany in 1956 while the owner was in the US military. When he came back stateside, he brought it back with him, and has been in the family since. They wanted to find a good home for it, and I was lucky enough for them to think I'd give it a good home. It had been in a slow restoration for the last 11 years. The car has been painted the original Jungle Green, and all it needs is to be re-assembled. Most of the parts have been purchased, and came with the car. I hope to have it put together by Spring, 2013.

<img src="http://photos.aaca.org/files/8/8/6/7/6/b773b5b7.jpg" alt="My 56 VW Oval" />

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Your story and photo of the oval window VW brings back memories. I started driving in 1960 and as a student I bought myself an old 1937 English car for cheap transport. Not long after I got my driving license I was asked to catch a train to a town some 40 -50 miles away to collect a VW that had been in for service and bring it back. I jumped at the chance having never driven such a modern car! It was an oval window VW identical to yours and I will always remember the experience of driving this near new "modern" car which made my old 1937 seem primitive. So seeing your car described with such words as Vintage and Classic makes me feel old.

Its all relative, some years later I bought my first "collector car" a 1926, model and I thought that was a truly old car, in fact it was less than 50 years old when I bought it in the early 70's while your VW is already older than that. It is good to keep these things in perspective.

Watch that rear suspension on the VW, those rear wheels will tuck under and cause the car to spin out out if you corner too quickly- it happened when I drove the above car, it scared me half to death not for my own welfare but that of the "new" VW fortunately I did not hit anything. Thanks for the memories.

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