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Where are they now?

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I know this is a long shot but here goes. 1st., Does anyone know what happen to the converted steam car built by Mr.H.W. McGee Sr. of Milwaukee Wisc. Top of page 168 in Mr. Clymer's Steam Car Scrapbook ? And 2nd. I know a real shot in the dark, In the late 60's, in The Milwaukee Journal, a picture of a car from the teens was found in a basement of a home in Milwaukee. Seems the elderly owner had died and the car turned up when they where cleaning out the house. At some time in the past the street had been raised in front of the home and the car,in the basement garage was blocked in with no way out except disassemble. (Which I would of done with a spoon if I could of but was a wee lad then. Anyone remember? Thanks blrhlr@fdldotnet.com

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