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Guest DagoRed

I have a Honda 305 Scrambler scar, actually two - from the two exhaust pipes that ran up the left side of my 305, complete with grill marks from the 'heat shield' (should have been called a 'heat sink') from my 1966 Honda 305 Scrambler. Back in the day and stopped at a stop sign on an incline, the car ahead of us must have just refueled as it poured gas out of filler neck behind the plate. My girlrfriend Denise, sitting behind me, saw it, but did not bother to mention it (!) I let the clutch out and rolled the throttle, next thing we know we are on the pavement with the pipes pressing on our bare summertime legs. I got the bike off of us as fast as I could but not before some painful burns!

I still have the two shiny scars that ache sometimes in changing weather, but I don't have the 305 or Denise anymore .....

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