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1937 Chrysler engine Royal 6 with transmission

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[TD]This engine was recently acquired from a fellow who was hot-rodding a 1937 Dodge pickup truck. The serial number is C16-5865 which indicates that it is from a 1937 Chrysler Royal car. The block number is 666029-7 and the head number is 666010-4. The three speed transmission with parking brake has a serial number of C36548. The guy I got this from told me that it was running when it was removed, and based on the shiny surface of the clutch parts, I suspect that this is accurate. The engine turns over by hand.

As you can see, the bolt-on's are mostly there including the horn, carburetor, generator, coil, voltage regulator. etc. The only missing part I can see that is missing is the starting motor. I prefer to sell of of these parts together, and open to offers, etc. I have a number of other parts that are for the 1937-38 Dodge pickup trucks. Engine is located Somerset, PA 15501. Please call with questions or for additional information...724-625-4440.














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