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Adding an A/C unit?


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Just doing some wishful thinking but is it even possible to add A/C to a 64 Electra after the fact? The one I have did not come factory with A/C so I don't know how hard it would be to add?

I can't find a good picture on google of an Electra with AC to see whats different on the dash. I'm assuming there are controls that they would have holes for that I don't have on my dash, but i'm just curious to see.

"It's not worth it" is a valid answer also :)

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Sir, Probably not doable as a factory replacement, unless you found a wrecked car with the correct dash. But, adding Vintage Air is a very good idea and quite easy to do yourself. I just put one of these in a 68 Charger and it sure works good down here in hot Ga. !! You can get the outer air outlets from the factory unit to use with the Vintage or Classic Air. Any Buick of that year could have the outer air outlets. Good luck.

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