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72 gto


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Guest Steiner

They made a single one, and also a few wagons but none for production. GTO was no longer its own model in '72 and was just an option package available only on the Le Mans coupes.

Per wikipedia:

"Although Pontiac did not offer a production GTO convertible in 1972, a buyer could order a Le Mans Sport convertible with either of the three GTO engines and other sporty/performance options to create a GTO in all but name. Even the GTO's Endura bumper was offered as an option on Le Mans/Sport models, with "PONTIAC" spelled out on the driver's side grille rather than "GTO."

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In 1964 through 1965 GTO's were a option on a LeMans. They became a series of their own series in 1966 and by 1972 they were back as a option on the LeMans again. There is some debate if there was any convert. in 1972, while others say a few were produced. Another source just says that 2,438 LeMans were made for 1972 and if a GTO was made as a convertible it would be in this group. It also says that no GTO convertible was made. Your best bet would be to contact the Pontiac Historical Society or PHS, and for a nominal fee they will tell you from your vin# what your car is.

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