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Need Brake system info

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Hi guys, been a while since I posted here, but I have been lurking in the shadows :D

So my 90 TC blew the line feeding the rear brakes. I figure while she's down I may as well go through the whole system starting with the hoses, calipers and lines. Problem is I'm not sure what size brake line the TC uses and have not been able to find any definitive answer, is it 3/16?

Also... I have a flaring tool but I want to make sure it has the correct angle of flare. I know the TC's used an ISO fitting, (right?) can anyone verify the inclusive angle of the flare ???



EDIT: I think I have the flare figured out, with it being ISO it's what they call a 'bubble flare'..jes?

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Guest Rolf B.

Not sure, wow what a way to start, but a friend had the same problem and got the size info and specs from our local Chrysler Dealer. If they are nice they have the data base and can tell you and print the diagram for you. Hope your dealer parts dept. is as helpful as the one here (Crown by the way).

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