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'47 76c brake/fuel lines ...


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Some time ago I read a post here about Classic Tube products - not a great recommendation. Here is my experience ... I ordered the stainless steel set (fuel and brake lines); the line from the distribution block to the master cyl - fit well; line to left front - pretty good; line to right front - lousy fit (took me an hour of bend/test fit) to get it into place. Line from distribution block to rear flex line junction? - first 12" of the line were pretty good but the rest of the line was NOT designed for a 76C (or so I believe) !!!!!

The fuel line is another concern I have - I confess that the problem may be mine, in that I'm not sure how to route the line ... is it to be run inside the frame member or fastened to the body? At the fron, does it pass through to holes in the frame (with grommets) towards the engine? Is there a metal line from the fuel pump which connects to a flex line which, in turn, connects to the main line?

Any help/advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.


PS I am an old retired fart currently working part time at John Scotti Classic Cars in Montreal ... most of what I deal with has been disassembled by others and my task is to reassemble properly ... puzzle after puzzle after puzzle !! Great fun !!

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Re fuel line ... after attempting to pass the line through/inside the frame (where the replacement line had been run), I finally discovered that the gas line runs ouside the frame channel, above the body mount brackets ... now all I have to do is elevate the body about 1/2" and slide the line in in one piece front to back !!

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