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Paint colors for 52 olds 98

Guest slyhog022056

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Guest slyhog022056

Hello everyone, i am new here and hoping to find some information for my 1952 oldsmobile 98. I will be doing a frame off restoration soon, provided the engine and trans arent trashed. What i am needing to know is the original engine color, oil bath air cleaner color, valve covers, wheels and all the other stuff too. So far all i can find are exterior colors and interior color combos. it is presently black outside with some sort of green and tan seats. door panels are green and tan also. Carpet is green i think... Also need to know if anyone makes floor pans, drivers side front only. Any help would be appreciated. Right now i am just trying to get it fired off and check trans before i tear it down. 44,000 miles and the original owner said it was parked in 75 because they hit a dog and ripped the exhaust off of it. It still had clean looking oil, antifreeze in the rad, and freon in the ac unit. Will be changing it over to 12 volt system also so i am looking for a 12V generator and starter. Thanks in advance





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