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valve specs. needed please:)


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Got my 55 nightmare ongoing...got a set of steel shim gskts coming, but I am in need of the valve stem installed ht. as I wanna take the heads down to my machinist to verify they are in specs. I believe the heads to most likely be 56, but 55&6 are the same, both are from 322's.<P> I have heard that there is a book that machine shops use that has these specs in them. Is there anyone out there that has one to lend a helping hand...<BR> I hope this isnt discouraging anyone into putting Chevy motors in their cars....this is an easy engine and I know the problem is just as simple...<P> Let me know the specs if you have them or know someone that does smile.gif<P> Thanks, don55<P> dlw29@hotmail.com

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