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Need confermation '49-'55 bumper

Guest Richie09

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Guest Richie09

Hi, cleaning house the best I can here and would appreciate a look at this bumper if you would. From the many pitures on this Club I think its a Chevy or GMC? light truck. Measures 66 3/4 straight across lenth and 4 5/8 total height.

On the backside has in raised letters GM-CS then a small capital G off to the right a little. Some rust pitting near the (probably) lower edge but I don't think it would be noticable if ground down and replated. Backside cleaner than the front which is mostly pealing chrome, backside painted silver.

Would like to find a home for this, need some idea what it would be worth, average to good price as I would like to move it soon. Thanks, Rich



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