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need help with 36 chevy


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Guest Commodore

The best place to get help specific to the 1936 Chevrolet would be to post your questions to the Chat Forum of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America web site. There are some very knowledgable folks there. They have a specific section for 1933-36 Chevys as well a section for Mechanical questions. You do not have to be a member to register, although I would encourage you to consider joining if you will be doing a lot of work on the 1936.


1933-36 - VCCA Chat

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Guest 36chev

This linkage can be very confusing to hook up and it's hard to photograph because it's all hidden behind the manifolds. I think that when Chevrolet adopted the downdraft carburetor in 1932, this somewhat Rube Goldberg accelerator and throttle linkage was derived from the updraft system. I've never found a diagram of it either--not pictured in the shop manual.

I have a linkage taken off a parts car that I left together and can try a picture of that. But it may be several weeks before can get to it--the parts are located at our family farm. Let me know if you would like me to do so.

But as Commodore suggested, the VCCA would be the best bet. Good luck--and I'll be glad to help with other questions if I can.

Commodore and 01vette--great looking cars--or at least engines! I wonder if the trumpet horns were popular accessories? I see both of your cars have them installed. My 36 had them installed as original options as well.

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