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  1. No carpet under the pedal. The standard just has a rubber mat in the front. The pedal will go to the floor, but not move the butterfly to the fully open position.
  2. How many springs are used on the throttle? I have 2 on my car for the throttle. One to return the gas pedal and one to control the butterfly.
  3. Can anyone please post a picture of the throttle linkage for a 1936 Standard? I can't seem to get enough travel on the carb to fully open the butterfly with the pedal. thanks George
  4. Having trouble hooking up my throttle linkage for my 36 chevy std. Can anyone send me a picture or tell me how the 2 "L" shaped pieces go together?:confused:
  5. I need a picture or a diagram showing how the throttle rods hook onto the levers on the side of the engine block behind the exhaust manifold.
  6. I had to do some engine work on my 36 chevy. I can't figure out how to hook up the throttle linkage. Can anyone help? Picture or diagram? Thanks :confused:
  7. I rebuilt the motor in my 36 chevy about 12 years ago. I drove it about 30 miles before I stored it. Now it will not turn over. Any ideas why or suggestions before I tear it apart??:eek: