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40 buick coil cap


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Hi guys, have a question I hope someone can help me , how does one take the bottom of the coil cap off that is attached to the metal loom, can it be taken off, if not how do you get it through the firewall, all this is attached to the ignition key switch, unable to get that off also, followed some instructions about that but they assume you have the key to turn the switch on the 12 oclock position, as always any help is greatly appreciated, thanks bob in maryland

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Guest gossir00


I have never removed mine however I have an origional 1940 Shop Manual that shows how to remove the cap ( a picture and a written explaination on pages 204-206).

Here is the written explaination:

1. insert a thin blade of spring steel (.015" x 1/2") between the coil can and the coil end cover at a point approx. 1" to left of seam on the coil can.

2. twist coil in counter-clockwise direction until lock is released from the lock recess.

3. Remove tool to relieve the pressure between the coil end cover and the coil.

4. lift off cover ( in upward fashion)

If you need info on how to service the coil I can scan Shop Manual pages and send to your email address.


Rick G.

BCA #45471

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Thanks for the info, but I believe you misunderstood what I was asking, the cap is off of the coil, I would like to know if you can get the cap off the wire loom it is hooked to, that would enable me to pull the loom through the firewall. Again to all, any help would be appreciated. Thanks bob

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