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1939 crosley parts needed

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Started restoration on a 1939 Crosley convertible coupe. Need the following parts:

1) A gas tank w/ the cap. It is a 4 gallon. I have the straps and stand.

2) Have NOS doors and none of the parts on the door to shut them. I will call these pieces the door lach assemblies. Need both sides.

3)the hood prop/gas level stick.

Will need other parts as time goes on.

Best way to contact me is my E mail and that is


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I am going to toot the horn of my organization here, so if you don't want to hear the commercial, turn your eyes off. ...... I have found that the best way to find parts for a vehicle is to concentrate my search on people who have that type of vehicle. As such, please consider becoming a member of the Crosley Automobile Club (Crosley Automobile Club Inc.- Home for all Crosley Car Owners) . We have about 1,000 Crosley members nationwide and they are about as fun loving of a group as you will ever find. Also, our National show, coming up in July, features a Crosley only flea market that often has pre war parts.

As far as the parts you are looking for:

The gas tank is a relatively tough one to find (as are most pre war parts for Crosleys) , I had to buy a parts car to get the one I found for my 41 convertable coupe. By the way, are you sure you have a 39? Almost every pre War Crosley I have ever seen for sale was offered as a 39 but once the serial number was explored, many were found to be other years. I saw a couple for sale in our flea market 2 years ago.

The door latches aren't tootough and can be found. I'm not positive but they are very similar, if not identical to the early post war latches. Hinges are a little tough to find exact also.

The chances of finding an original hood prop/latch are almost nil. I have only ever seen one. Almost everyone I've seen either uses one they made.

Can you tell me where you are?? If you like, I can find one of our members in the area that might aid you in your restoration. By the way, club members receive a roster of all members that you can use to look for someone nearby who has a similar car to work with.

Best of luck in your restoration. One of these days, I will restore my 41. For now, I am having too much fun driving it to take it off the road. The engine was rebuit over the winter and I need to get it back in ASAP (got to finish a job on my Hotshot first). Contact me directly if I can help you.

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