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1957 Buick Roadmaster hood hinge


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I am looking to buy a pair of NOS hood hinges for my 1957 Buick Roadmaster. Any ideas how I might find them? Also still looking for the windshield clip that holds the bottom two center trim pieces together.

Thanks for your help, Warren



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Guest jbenini

Hi Warren, I just noticed your post, do you still need hood hinges? I might have a pair in my parts pile, I'll take a look later when it cools down this evening! I'm looking for a gas tank for my '57 Century, trying to get the car running again and I discovered the top of the tank rotted out. Do you know of any yards up your way (I'm in Connecticut) that might have a usable tank? let me know, thanks. Nice two-tone on your Roadmaster, Dover White over Carlsbad Black? JB

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