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Intech trailers


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Awesome Trailers. They can build anything you want. They work through a dealer so you will need to work through a regional retailer/dealer.

I called the folks at the factory and they were very very helpful. You could even go to the factory and pick up your unit.

They can build you a totally aluminum trailer. I needed to get an 8' tall interior height and I liked the styling of the InTech over the ATC;s and the Featherlite's.

I have a 24' V-nosed (8' interior ht.) Triple B custom lightweight steel framed, flush aluminum paneled exterior skinned trailer. 16" 8 lug wheels, big heavy duty axels, LED lights, Floor winch, electric rear door, 5' escape door, front door, electric lights and Jack.


I don't have a work bench and cabinets up front which I would like.

My trailer also has a wood floor. Maybe one day...I'll go for the InTech.

Currently, I have everything I need and more...It just isn't new and fashionable like the InTech.

I would ask a lot of questions to the old timers about axels and wheels etc...

There are a bunch of trailers out there but many of them are not something you would want although they may look good etc...

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