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16v TC for sale 1990 - 1 of 1

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1990 Black Chrysler TC by Maserati for sale with tan top, ginger interior. 16v 5 spd, California Emissions.

Thinking about parting this car out if there are no takers. It needs a complete restoration. Seats are pretty shot, paint is shot, dash leather is shot (although I have an asbolutely MINT ginger leather dash for it), and I had the cylinder head rebuilt to like new condition. Bottom end is stock, 67k miles.

I would prefer to sell someone the whole car so they can restore it - especially considering the fact this is pretty much the only TC I can find on the TC production numbers info/charts that shows to be a true 1 of 1 built.

This TC went from Southern California to South Florida and has been here its whole life. This would be an excellent car to restore, but as I said, I will part it out if need be.

Asking $6k for the car the way it sits, or will sell the motor/trans, etc. to someone needing one for their 16v powered TC. (or someone looking to do a conversion)

If you are willing to take it with a used head (instead of the freshly rebuilt head I have for it) I will drop the price to $5k.

This is a rare opportunity to get a partial (or complete) 16v powered TC with all rust free parts.

Email: Rick@rdiperformance.com

Pics available for serious parties with cash in hand. I do not want any trades.

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