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Fordomatic transmission band adjustments


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I am working on a 1957 Ford Skyliner with a Fordomatic transmission that shudders on hard acceleration. I think the bands are out of adjustment and have the shop manual, but they say use the tool to adjust.:( I know you can use a torque wrench to adjust the bands but I need to be sure what the adjustments are. For the front band someone has wrote in 10 inch lbs. torque. For the rear band they have wrote in 10 ft lbs. Which is correct or are they both correct? Any help would be appriciated.

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Guest Jim_Edwards

An automatic transmission that is shuttering upon initial and/or hard acceleration will typically indicate the clutch pack is giving it up so to speak. What happens is over time is the de-lamination of the individual discs making up the clutch pack. Eventually all shift functions will be lost. The only solution is a rebuild of the transmission, preferably before additional de-lamination occurs and the valve body becomes a total mess from particles from the de-lamination.

With that said, band adjustments for that particular transmission were recommended at 15,000 mile intervals. Low Band adjust is 10 lbs. Reverse Band is the same but once the wrench clicks back the nut off exactly two turns and then tighten the lock nut to 15-18 lbs.

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