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Front bumper bolt size for full-size '64 Olds


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I don't know how "generic" these are, across the Oldsmobile/GM line for the era, but a friend of mine was needing to know the proper size of the bumper bolts for his '64 Olds Dynamic 88 Fiesta Wagon; seems he needs to replace the front bumper on his.

Don't know if there's a difference between the bolts on the front bumper as compared to the rear bumper; also, as fate has it, will be needing to put the bumpers back on my '62 Olds D88 Fiesta wagon soon--are these the same as for the '64 that my friend is looking for?

Finally, any suggestions as to where to obtain these, and are these available in stainless?

Thanks again,


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Guest Joe_Varley

Auveco carries a few different bumper bolt sizes, I think in stainless. Auveco is available at auto body supply stores, or check them out on line.

Joe Varley

Former Buckeye

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Thanks Joe; in the meantime I had the front bumper put back on my '62 Olds D88 wagon (actually, that bumper is the same as all full-size '62s, unlike the rear bumper would be); my mechanic told me it was a combination of 7/16th and 9/16th. I appreciate your response.

BTW, once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye! ;)

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