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Need block dimensions 337 cu in straight 8


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I'm trying to fabricate the parts for the 8-into-1 exhaust header for the Indy car project. Since I'm using the smaller 250 cu in block instead of the 337 cu in straight 8, I assume that my block is a little narrower. This will mean the header pipes have to be a bit longer to wind up outside of the body.

Does anyone have a 337 engine handy and can measure the width of the block and the approximate distance from the crankshaft centerline to the surface where the intake and exhaust manifolds seal? The 250 cu in engine is about 7-3/4" wide and just shy of 30" long. The crankshaft centerline to exhaust flange distance is about 5-1/2".


The original header used eight 90-degree elbows trimmed to mate into a 30" long megaphone that grew from 1-3/4" to 4" o.d. The big end of the megaphone was angled out at about 10.5 degrees to mate with a huge 4" exhaust pipe along the side of the car. Here is an old photo of the engine and exhaust piping on the white #34 car, currently owned by August Grasis. As far as I can tell, the crankshaft is on the centerline of the car, and the body is about 32-3/4" wide at the firewall.


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I uncovered my "Display" engine in the garage, it is FE25187. The block is exactly 35.00" long and 8.125" wide at the cylinder head deck. Measured from C/L of cylinder to the exhaust manifold contact surface it is 5.50".

I'll attach two photos I just took for reference. If you need more dimensions let me know.




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