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Wiring harness question


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The main wiring harness on my 1950 Olds is in good shape but the exposed wires all need to be replaced. I cut all the wires under the hood back to where they are in good condition and will begin running new wires soon. I would rather not use the typical black plastic harness covers used on modern cars. Is there a source for a cloth style cover to keep it all looking more "original". Not looking for any exact match to what I have, just not plastic.

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Hi :

Re: The wiring for your 1950 Olds !!!

Try the "Brillman Co" in Virginia,that Is where I get mine,I have (4) 1950 Oldsmobiles.

They have any kind you would want,Ie: The correct wiring with the different colors/kind of cross tracers,ect.

Look them up on the web!!!

Good luck


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Restoration Specialties sells the old style wire loom covering. In addition, there may be a "splice" under the hood of the main wiring harness where most if not all of the wires for the headlights, parking lights, etc. are located. If you find this splice you can replace the color coded wires beginning at the splice and run to the headlight terminal boards, etc. The harness companies will often sell the color coded wires, the spade lugs and the rubber spade covers that you need. You do have to be adept at soldering to make this safe and look as the factory installation. Cover the wires with the old style loom and you will be very pleased with the result.


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